We are KPR Kobierzyce, the 5-th best women handball club in Poland.
In coming summer, we organize the tournament, with the guests from neighboring countries.
In case of your interest, we can help to come up with the complementary proposal to run the
summer preparation camp in Poland for you team, at economic costs. Summer training base of our
club Palac Wojanow, is at your assistance and for your consideration.
We do hope your team can join us in Poland !

23-25 August 2019
Sports Hall Kobierzyce
Street: Debowa 20
Post code: 55 040
City: Kobierzyce
Country: Poland
Sport facility: http://www.sport-kobierzyce.pl/
Hosting club: https://kprkobierzyce.pl/

Commemorative cups for the teams and individual prizes founded by tournament sponsors

In compliance with the EHF rules , a gaming system with each and every one.
8 teams participating.

Till the 15-th of June 2019

The costs of stay is not reimbursed by the organizer and needs to be covered by participants.
The organizer helps with finding the appropriate accommodation, at the cost indicated.
Free of expense: no participation fees, access to the sports hall and fitness room.
Wellness facilities: https://www.centrumsleza.pl/ at the special prize, to be quoted on request.

Wroclaw city offers wide selection of accommodation from economic to premium. We will assist you
with finding the best choise fitting your budget and needs.
Below you will find useful information that allows you to quickly find a hotel, safe and quiet access.
Example hotel close to the sports hall used at the assemblies of the Polish women’s national team:

Zamek Topacz
Reception 24h; Tel: +48 71 771 99 99
e-mail: recepcja@topacz.pl
Sleza ul. Główna 12
55-040 Kobierzyce; Poland

In case of your interest to extend the stay and combine it with the summer preparation camp to the
next leagues season, we recommend our club summer training base Palac Wojanow:

Krzysztof Baka – Key Account Manager
Tel: +48 578 360 890
Email: krzysztofbaka@palac-wojanow.pl
Web: https://www.palac-wojanow.pl/


By road
The sports hall, as well as accommodation places are very well linked with the other European cities.
Kobierzyce can be accessed by the motorway A4, directly linked to Prague ( partly ), Brno, Lvov,
Dresden, Berlin and the rest of European cities.
By air
Motorway drive for about 15 minutes from the Wroclaw ( WRO ) international airport to the sports
By rail
For the guest coming by rail.
A bus ride from the Wroclaw Main train station takes about 40 minutes.
When using public transport, please use the following application:
The target point is: Kobierzyce Witosa
Payments in public transport in Wrocław are possible in the vehicle itself, but only with the use of a
bank proximity card.
Taxi services
Recommended service:
Ryba Taxi
Telefon: 713 067 067

Mr Maciej Zając


Tel: + 48 728 432 994
Email: maciejzajac@kprkobierzyce.pl
B2C: https://sklep.kprkobierzyce.pl/
B2B: http://biznes.kprkobierzyce.pl/