Jeugd Academy

We launched a local campaign, which aims at promoting health and physical activity of children, providing with easy access to the sport for children of all ages, levels and nationalities. We develop our handball academy. Our slogan is:
“Handy Kids – great adventure, young athletes”

Our program gets rolled out in the several streams:

Running sports and recreational activities for children

Our classes are the first stage in the upbringing and formation of a young athlete – the stage of sports games and games based on handball training.
The training program expands the child’s motor potential and the care of a professional trainer makes it easy to start a sport adventure. The most important goal of the program is to provide to the youngest players positive patterns related to physical activity and sports rivalry. We welcome all children, from the 3rd grade of Polish primary school ( 8 years old ). Our workouts are suitable for all children, regardless of their level of sport development.
Parents of children interested in starting a sport adventure, please contact us using the information in the bottom of the section. Our representative is at your disposal, helping you find the most convenient place and hours of work together by choosing from the grid of current activities for the youngest athletes.
Handball promotion among children

We promote handball among primary school principals, physical education teachers, animators and above all primary school pupils and their parents. We visit kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, day centers and other educational sites. We teach handball in the way of free, cheerful handball classes.
We have prepared a number of materials, designed for the youngest, including:

  • multimedia, themed educational lessons facilitated by the stars of our club,
  • professional, handball profile, physical education shows,
  • provide qualified coaching staff ready to conduct training on school grounds,
  • special offer for students from local families of Korean and Ukrainian communities living in our neighborhood,
  • a series of additional health promotion and physical activity activities targeting pupils and their parents
  • We support the building of local civic attitudes; we encourage you to identify with our home – Wroclaw district and the unique club of the KPR.

International cooperation of our kids sport section

We are an active member of the international handball community.
We cooperate with the other handball clubs of foreign clubs.
Our children make friends with children who play handball in other countries.
We share knowledge, experience, visit each other, organize joint sporting events. Our youth and children win medals at one of the world’s largest handball tournament in Teramo, Italy.

Please join us

We welcome all volunteers:

  • all educational establishments interested in creating children’s handball sections in their premises;
  • physical education trainers with coaching qualifications who wish to conduct handball classes at their school;
  • qualified volunteers with appropriate qualifications ready to start training children;
  • all people of good will who want to support the sport of the youngest athletes, financially or socially engaging in the activities carried out.

Contact us

“Handy Kids” Action Coordinator
Mr Maciej Zając
Tel: + 48 728 432 994

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