About us

We are handball Club Kobierzyce ( greater Wroclaw, Poland ), founded in 1998 by a group of people passionate for handball. We are a club currently operated and supported exclusively by its members, in large majority former professional players or sports enthusiasts, committed to promote and support the development of this sport at our neighborhood. The club consists of players from several teams, as well as handball school for children.

Our senior women team performs in the Polish premier handball league. The club maintains training courses of talented girls from the third grade of primary school until the age of senior players.

The sport classes are conducted in 5 training groups:

  • “Kids” – girls from classes of 3-4 grade of Polish primarily schools, 8-9 yrs. old
  • “Girl”- girls from classes of 5-6 grade of Polish primarily schools, 10-11 yrs. old
  • “Junior” – girls from classes of 1-2 grade of Polish secondary schools, 12-13 yrs. old
  • “Cadet” – girls from higher classes of Polish secondary schools, above 13 yrs – 18 old
  • “Senior” – girls from higher classes of Polish secondary schools , above 18 old

There are nearly 100 girls and women, actively participating in the sport activities.

Our teams participate in the competition league run by the state of Lower Silesia Handball Association in Wroclaw. For several years, our teams are at the forefront of Lower Silesia in their age categories and a very large group of our players is annually appointed to the cadres of our province.

The greatest achievements of the Club are:

In the 2004/2005 season – bronze medal in the Polish Championships of Schoolgirls

In the 2006/2007 season – bronze medal in the Polish Championships Girls

Promotion to the 1st Polish Woman Handball League in the season 2012/2013, completing two seasons on the second position in 2015/2016

Promotion to the premier Polish Woman Handball League PGNiG Super League of Women in 2016/2017 season.

Some of our other graduates play at the other top polish women handball league clubs:

  • Pogon Szczecin Baltica – Catherine Sabała
  • MKS Zaglebie Lubin – Monika Maliczkiewicz, Mariola Wiertelak

The club has its own youth program, which focuses both on sport and social developments. Our girls, twice a year we go to sports camps / summer and winter /. We participate in many tournaments throughout the country and abroad. We maintain friendly relations with international handball clubs.

We were also in Italy one of the world’s largest International Tournament Handball Teramo.

Thanks to the success of handball in Kobierzyce, the local authorities build up a modern sports hall in 2015, which is the arena for training and matches of our club. One the most modern sport facilities of the Lower Silesia region.

With all our development, handball Club Kobierzyce, belongs to one of the most dynamically developing and successful Polish sport clubs.

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