We’re Playing We’re Helping – Charity Handball Tournament

After Saturday’s super league emotions, on Sunday afternoon, we invite all fans to the annual KPR charity festival – We’re Playing We’re Helping – a unique sporting and artistic event. As in the previous year, the income from the event will be credited to the foundation’s account – Salvation for children with cancer. An attractive program, exceptional guests. Sports games of the youngest, performances by famous stage artists, acrobatic gymnastics shows cheerleaders performance. In the intervals between performances, lottery, auctions and contests. Very attractive awards. And at the end of an unusual match – activists and supporters of our club throw challenge of Wroclaw anti-terrorists brigade ! What will be the final of this clash? It is definitely worth checking in person.

At home with Pogon

A unique February weekend in Kobierzyce. Saturdays afternoon by the game of our first team. That time, at Hala Kobierzyce we host rivals from Szczecin. SPR Pogoń Szczecin currently holds the sixth place in the Superleague table. A strong team, with a few players in the well-known handball fans from their performance in the Polish national team.
Respecting our rivals, our team has repeatedly proved that there are no easy matches in Kobierzyce and will surely come out on the pitch to fight for another victory.
Our excellent playmaker Anna Mączka invites you to the meeting.
It promises to be an exciting sports encounter. You are welcome!

National Polish Junior Handball Team Appointment

Our young player, Patrycja Kozioł, was appointed to the Poland national junior team (year 2002 and younger)!

Patrycja was this year in the tenth place for the classification of the Lower Silesia Junior handballers, next to Kinga Jakubowska and Paulina Ilnicka, she was the team’s leading player.

The appointed girls under Edyta Suchy will train in Pruszków for two weeks and then play at a tournament in Romania. Hungary and Slovenia will also take part.
Well done, we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

more information: http://zprp.pl/archiwa/59259

Jelenia defeated !

In the first match of the second round, and at the same time the derby, two Lower Silesian KPRs faced each other in a match. Out of two KPR’s the one from Kobierzyce was on the top, winning in Jelenia Góra 28-20.

From the beginning of the game, the team lead by oEdyta Majdzińska played very well in its defense – very active and aggressive. This effectively hindered scoring goals for rivals. On the other side of the pitch Mączka and Skalska were doing very well. After a quarter of an hour and the hit of Kinga Jakubowska, the athlets from Kobierzyce were already leading by 9: 5. Effective interventions by Magd Słota allowed quick counterattacks, ended by Wiertelak with scoring. The last goal in this part of the game was won by the host team, however the visitors were leading to the break 17:14.

The second part of the match was increasing the advantage of the team of guests. Jelenia’s coach – Michał Pastuszkas team did not score for twelve minutes, with five rivals at the same time. From the state of 15:17 it got up to 15:22. At that time Janczak scored three times in a raw, taking out the hopes of victory for the people of Jelenia Góra. The final result of the match at 20:28 was set by Monika Kaźmierska.

Our Fan Club, thank you for cheering, you were amazing!

Our team, thanks to the full set of points gained, have increased their achievements to 15 points and still occupy the seventh position in the table. In the next round, we will face the PGNiG Superliga leader, MKS Perła Lublin. The match will be played on Saturday, January 13 at 17:00 in the Sports Hall in Kobierzyce. Welcome!

KPR Jelenia Góra – KPR Kobierzyce 20-28 (14-17)

JG: Filończuk, Wierzbicka, Kolasińska – Karwecka (1), Bielecka (1), Oreszczuk (2), A. Tomczyk (5), Kobzar (1), crew (3), Jasińska (1), Żukowska (3), M. Tomczyk (3), Konofał.
Charges: 2/3

Kobierzyce: Słota – Jakubowska (2), Skalska (4), Mączka (2), Janczak (3), Wesołowska, Kaźmierska (2), Wiertelak (6), Charzyńska (3), Linkowska (1), Walczak, Dąbrowska ( 5), Michalak
Charges: 4/5

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

By submitting the best Christmas wishes, a few words summarizing the first round of the current season’s games.
Our first team completed first 11 games, collecting 12 points and taking 7th place at the end of the round in the Polish Women’s Handball Superleague Standings. To visualize the progress it is two places highher than the position at the end of the last season.
The first team is currently preparing for the second round of the Superleague games, which will start for us in Jelenia Góra with the game versus local KPR there.  The match is scheduled at the beginning of January, the exact date confirmation will follow.
Regardless of the Superleague games, the frist team will join the 1/8 Polish Cup shortly. The first match also in early January of the coming year.

The end of 2017 was also the time of league games for junior and children of KPR Kobierzyce. A nice end to the year was a very successful Santa Claus Tournament, which was attended by over one hundred of our youngest players.

Thank you for the effort and support of our players, activists and fans. With faith that 2018 will be even better for our club please accept  the best Christmas and Happy New Year wishes!

Invite to ALL CHILDREN for HANDBALL classes !

Kobierzyce Handball Club  invites girls from  Polish school classes III – VIII to join the handball classes in the Sports Arena in Kobierzyce!

Training Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; Hours: 15:00 – 16:30; Location: Sports and Entertainment Hall in Kobierzyce, Debowa street 20; 55-040 Kobierzyce

In addition, classes for Handy Kids in Wysoka near Wroclaw !

We invite all children interested in starting their adventure with sport. Both girls and boys.
Training Schedule: Tuesdays ( 18:30 – 19:30 ) and Thursdays ( 19:30 – 20:30 ); ; Location: ZSP School, Sports Hall; ul. Chabrowa 99; 55-040 Wysoka


First victory – Kościerzyna defeated

Kobierzyce team finally collected the first points in the season!  In the third round of the PGNiG Women’s Superliga, the our taem beat the UKS PCM Kościerzyna by 37-25.
In the first half neither team shown significant supremacy. On both sides of the field, the goalie scored well.
After changing the field sides, the match looked very different. The KPR scored goals in series. Grażyna Janczak and Paulina Wojda played very well with the counter.  Just ten minutes later, the women’s coaches stepped into the nine-goal lead they had not finished yet. In the ranks individual opponents ended Kowalska, but nothing was able to take away the victory from KPR.  At the end of the match, TKS scored two more goals in a row, but the match ended up with a significant KPR victory. Edyta Charzyńska, KPR player, collected the MVP award.
KPR coach – Edyta Majdzińska’s players scored three points and currently rank seventh in the table. This Wednesday’s match will be played in Koszalin, with the AZS Energy there.

KPR Kobierzyce vs. UKS PCM Kościerzyna 37-25 (14-11)

Goalkeeper: Ciesiółka, Słota

Field players: Jakubowska (3), Wojda (4), Mączka (11/5), Janczak (4), Wesołowska (3), Kaźmierska (1), Wiertelak (2), Charzyńska (2), Linkowska, Daszkiewicz (1), Walczak (2), Dąbrowska (1), Michalak (3)

UKS: Kordunowska-Lupa, Liskowska; Wąsik (2), Kowalska (5), Sus (3), Ziółkowska (2), Hartman (6), Gędłek (6/5), Rogożeńska (1), Lubiejewska.