First victory – Kościerzyna defeated

Kobierzyce team finally collected the first points in the season!  In the third round of the PGNiG Women’s Superliga, the our taem beat the UKS PCM Kościerzyna by 37-25.
In the first half neither team shown significant supremacy. On both sides of the field, the goalie scored well.
After changing the field sides, the match looked very different. The KPR scored goals in series. Grażyna Janczak and Paulina Wojda played very well with the counter.  Just ten minutes later, the women’s coaches stepped into the nine-goal lead they had not finished yet. In the ranks individual opponents ended Kowalska, but nothing was able to take away the victory from KPR.  At the end of the match, TKS scored two more goals in a row, but the match ended up with a significant KPR victory. Edyta Charzyńska, KPR player, collected the MVP award.
KPR coach – Edyta Majdzińska’s players scored three points and currently rank seventh in the table. This Wednesday’s match will be played in Koszalin, with the AZS Energy there.

KPR Kobierzyce vs. UKS PCM Kościerzyna 37-25 (14-11)

Goalkeeper: Ciesiółka, Słota

Field players: Jakubowska (3), Wojda (4), Mączka (11/5), Janczak (4), Wesołowska (3), Kaźmierska (1), Wiertelak (2), Charzyńska (2), Linkowska, Daszkiewicz (1), Walczak (2), Dąbrowska (1), Michalak (3)

UKS: Kordunowska-Lupa, Liskowska; Wąsik (2), Kowalska (5), Sus (3), Ziółkowska (2), Hartman (6), Gędłek (6/5), Rogożeńska (1), Lubiejewska.

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